I can’t believe it has been a year since I launched Fabulously Flawed and Tryin. It’s also the anniversary of my first blog, THRIVE IN YOUR DOPENESS.

As I sit here reflecting on the personal and professional gains I have made throughout this year I have tears coming down my face. I’ve worked very hard to be the person I am today, and this blog has helped me with my growth. I have learned so much about myself and the people around me since I started blogging. Now this journey hasn’t been all roses! I have had plenty of moments that I thought I wasn’t on the right path, but the love and appreciation I receive from so many people have made those thoughts quiet. It confirms that my words, my story, and this space is needed.

I’ve used FFandT as a place to talk about vulnerable/difficult subjects that could spark needed conversations and possibly inspire someone to speak openly about the battles they fight alone. Well, at least that is my goal! I’m so excited for the future of the blog. I hope it leads to the opportunity to inspire as many people as possible, to motivate people to take control of their mental health, and to show that therapy is self-care.

So come celebrate with me!

So as I celebrate the past by rereading past entries (Scared Mommy, My letter to a friend, why can’t I just be okay, 20 tips to living free, and my worry is different), we will also look to the future. I’m looking forward to the many opportunities, speaking engagements, valuable connections, and future business endeavors. So let me know some of your stories of inspiration and motivation!
Let me see those #thriveinyourdopeness pictures below. I would love to hear how this blog, this saying, and my words have helped you. I appreciate all of the encouragement and love you all have shown me over this year. I’m super excited for what’s to come of FABULOUSLY FLAWED AND TRYING in the future. From my heart to yours…
Be blessed and be a blessing💎

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