Being miles and miles away can be so dreadful sometimes. Still, it can also bring a more profound friendship connection. When you’re in the position where you have to water your “ships” through phone calls, social media, and care packages, you can see the actual bones of that relationship. It makes you appreciate every little moment and memory that you all share. Visits mean the world to you guys because you’re not only trying to reminisce your past laughs, but you’re trying to add new ones to the pot so you can have some to think about while you’re away. Those are what you call connections of the soul. Where you guys don’t see each other, don’t always get to talk on the phone, and because of the time difference, don’t even see each other’s posts until hours, sometimes days later BUT when y’all do,” it’s easy like Sunday morning.”

You try to catch up with everything in a few hours on the phone. Those “ships” will be there for you forever, and they will mean the most to you, make sure you treasure them. Distance doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be present in the lives of the people that mean the most to you. It just means that you have to mean it a little more, show it a little more, and take full advantage of the time you guys get to just BE. So try not to beat yourself up for those moments you didn’t call, but you could have, the dates that y’all could have fit in a visit, those celebrations you forgot to call, and those painful moments you happen to send your condolences two days later.

Y’all friendship is something special, built on love and understanding. So yea, it’s ok to be late, just don’t ever forget. If it’s a “ship” made in heaven, your call or love will always be right on time…

My Faraway Village!!!


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