About Mrs. Takia Davis…

What does Fabulously Flawed and Trying mean?

To me, it’s self-explanatory but to break it down it’s a self-given label that promotes the unique fabulousness of a person, the accepting of one’s flaws, and the acknowledgment of “TRY”!

Why did I start Fabulously Flawed and Tryin?

I wanted to create a space that I could tell my story and speak freely about the unique way I look at the world. I truly believe that we’re all connected in some sort of weird way. That in order for us to find our individual light, someone else would need to find theirs. That can ignite something inside of us we didn’t know we had. That is what I mean by we’re all connected in some way. This is my healing space and I pray that telling my story will in some way help someone else shine their way out of their own darkness.

Who would I love to connect with via my blog?

I would love to connect with some overthinking individuals that may have grown up feeling alone and misunderstood, people who want to talk about the difficult subjects that make us uncomfortable with the hopes of clarity and growth, people who see the world in a unique way, people who understand that therapy works and is lacking in our communities, and I would also like to connect with people who are late bloomers in the “find your calling” category so we can navigate through this together.

Summary of Fabulously Flawed and Tryin..

Fabulously Flawed and Tryin was a dream of mine years ago but it wouldn’t manifest until I would suffer through the darkest my thoughts have ever been in my life. The summer 2019 is when I knew I had to do something to save my life, not just for my family but for myself. That space was/is so unhealthy and it was trying to kill me. I have suffered in silence since I was a child. Mental illness only thrives if it’s kept secret and hidden that’s what I did, hid it. Now I’m creating a space to broadcast it to the world to take my power back, to give people a transparent look at me, and to give someone out there a feeling of understanding. My goal is to grow and become the therapist I wish I had growing up. And maybe through my writings spark some conversations that I and the people around me have been avoiding.

So please with an open mind and heart lets grow some mindsets, build some self-love, and sprinkle some compassion on each other together…

What People Say

When I think of Takia the first word that comes to mind is, protective. I feel like you have always been protective of our friendship, even when it hurt you to do so. I always felt safe that you would never betray me….

-Chef Crystal Raspberry
Cheezin Gourmet Food Truck

As a woman you’re really amazing. You’re everywhere you need to be while being nowhere you don’t want to be. I can tell that you are starting to enjoy yourself as yourself more that you probably did before we became friends. You do your best to be a trustworthy friend and a better person than some of the role models you may or may not have had growing up. You’re aggressive and positive so being around you even when we don’t have anything to discuss is always a nice experience…

-Codie Henderson

Stubborn(lol), great mom, wife, great friend, sister, and very giving. But you’re also “open”, I mean the way that you can travel around and meet knew people you have to be open-minded…

-Jemeine Porter
North Western Memorial Hospital

The life of the party; jokester. Outspoken when giving your opinion or advice but guarded when speaking about your feelings. May appear to not care about having support(cheerleaders) but deep down it’s really important…

-Candace Smith
Chameleon Doula Co

Let’s build something together.