About Mrs. Takia Davis…

What does Fabulously Flawed and Trying mean?

To me, it’s self-explanatory, but to break it down, it’s a self-given label that promotes the unique fabulousness of a person, the acceptance of one’s flaws, and the acknowledgment of “TRY”!

Why did I start Fabulously Flawed and Tryin?

I wanted to create a space that I could tell my story and speak freely about the unique way I look at the world. I genuinely believe that we’re all connected in some sort of weird way. That in order for us to find our light, someone else would need to find theirs. That can ignite something inside of us we didn’t know we had. That is what I mean by we’re all connected in some way. This is my healing space, and I pray that telling my story will, in some way, help someone else shine their way out of their darkness.

Who would I love to connect with via my blog?

I would love to connect with some overthinking individuals that may have grown up feeling alone and misunderstood, people who want to talk about the difficult subjects that make us uncomfortable with the hopes of clarity and growth, people who uniquely see the world, people who understand that therapy works and is lacking in our communities, and I would also like to connect with people who are late bloomers in the “find your calling” category so we can navigate through this together.

Fabulously Flawed and Tryin was a dream of mine years ago, but it wouldn’t manifest until I would suffer through the darkest my thoughts have ever been in my life. Summer 2019 is when I knew I had to do something to save my life, not just for my family but for myself. That space was/is so unhealthy, and it was trying to kill me. I have suffered in silence since I was a child. Mental illness only thrives if it’s kept secret and hidden. That’s what I did, hid it. Now I’m creating a space to broadcast it to the world to take my power back, to give people a transparent look at me, and to give someone out there a feeling of understanding. My goal is to grow and become the therapist I wish I had growing up. And maybe my writings spark some conversations that the people around me and I have been avoiding.

Please, with an open mind and heart, let’s grow some mindsets, build some self-love, and sprinkle some compassion on each other together…

What people are saying…

“Your blog is absolutely amazing and powerful. It’s an inspiration to so many, and it has truly blessed me in so many ways.”

💎Lekiesha Black~Relationship Coach

Fabulously Flawed and Tryin is so inspiring. I love that you allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your not-so-good days with your audience. Placing ourselves in uncomfortable conversations with our children (SCARED MOMMY) and remembering to partake in self-love.”

💎Nashieka Evans~Friend

THRIVE IN YOUR DOPENESS is an eye-opener. It’s a constant reminder that I’m great in so many ways. This has become a mantra of mine to remind myself that with all my flaws and self-doubt, I’m dope and that my flaws are why I thrive.”

💎Codie Henderson~Ssgt USMC

“Reading your blog is like I’m standing in a mirror looking at myself. THRIVE YOUR DOPENESS has taught me to be myself wholeheartedly no matter what anyone thinks. To do what makes me happy, do what makes me mentally sound, and to be fabulous.”

💎Jemeine Porter~North Western Hospital

“Your words are inspiring, and I love to see your growth. Thank you for teaching me always to keep moving forward.”

💎Kendall Lucius~Friend

“Seeing you and your blog growth has been amazing to watch. You have motivated me to keep thriving and not look back.”

💎Roxanna Tribble~Friend

THRIVE IN YOUR DOPENESS means being comfortable in your skin and being unafraid to sit with who you are. Thank you for taking the time to open up and show us how to THRIVE by leading by example.”

💎Candace Smith~Chameleon Doula Co

“You have truly dedicated your heart and mind to your blog. You have soul-searched and addressed different experiences in an effort to become a better YOU! Not only are you healing, but you’re also helping family, friends, and fans heal.”

💎Ciana Polk~Educator

THRIVE IN YOUR DOPENESS is definitely an outlet for so many. I’ve watched you take off with your beautiful platform. It’s shown me to take care of self first, do what makes me happy, speak out, and don’t go through it alone.”

💎Myya Barkley~MyyaB Designs

Let’s build something together.